Massage, between therapy and wellness


“Hands that serve are holier than hands that speak” Sai Saba.

Massage is the art of healing by touch, it was considered so since the appearance of man, this is the most natural therapy and the most instinctive which has been practiced by all cultures, in every country.

3000 years ago before J-C “shiatsu” is a form of traditional Japanese massage that targets the energy balance,it is considered by Japanese and Chinese people as the basis of medicine of the five elements. At about the same time the Persians and Egyptians developed the therapy and the healing approaches by the exceptional touch to relieve stress and tension. Hindus saw it as a major therapy, their techniques targeted the rebalancing of the Chakras (energy sources). This type of massage falls within the Ayurvedic medicine.

Hippocrates, the father of Western medicine, said: “All physicians should incorporate massage into their healing practices as a method promoting health and longevity”, he also discovered that by massaging his patients by synchronized maneuvers in the direction of heart, doing so he obtained a sedative effect and a significant reduction of eodema. On the one hand, Romans enjoyed many percussion practices using wooden rackets similar to those of tennis, it had been said that Julius Caesar was using massage to treat his neuralgia. Since 16th century the practice of massage has experienced considerable evolution thanks to Swedish schools. Indeed, these schools have played the role of massage therapy precursors this discipline related to the well being and especially for alternative medicine, was systemized in a medical design. After World War II The massage therapy acknowleged  new and more subtle form called “holistic massage” due to the research of a Californian doctor, Dr. Wilhelm Reich. The massage is more than a privileged techniques but a whole therapy that takes over patients in a very personalized way.

Holistic medicine teaches us that each case is an individual case, human beings are distinguished by their three dimensions: physical, mental and spiritual form what Wilhelm called “biophysics unit”.

There are many approaches and techniques available in the touch therapy.It remains to the therapist to adjust each of it accordingly to the  biophysical context to the patient and achieve a treatment plan that meets the needs and expectations of his customers. R. Pearson said: “Massage only, put there your love and your hands that have developed experience and sensitivity, and let things happen as simply as possible” we immediately understand that massage is an art that appeals to the expertise of the practitioner and personal experience.


Massage is the best gift you can give yourself, your body will be fully grateful because acting on tissues by mechanical movements has benefits that only a person who has followed a massage treatment could feel them, to a physiological point of view, pressure games and active depression blood circulation in the capillaries, lymphatic vessels and interstitial fluids, elimination of waste and toxins from the cellular catabolism is faster, nutrients are brought in sufficient quantities to cells and suddenly accelerates metabolism. The heart beats slowly and steadily smoothly, the muscles relax their tensions and organic functions, made easy, are more harmonious.

The secretion of endorphins, hormones that make serene, acts favorably on the spirit of the person having massage and makes it more receptive and open. Touch is one of the most expensive five senses because it is the first that the fetus develops and it is thanks to it that depend self-awareness and perception of the outside world, growing we discover other ways of perception but the kinesthetic feeling remains strong because physical contact is the most vital mean of communication in the hands of the masseur and the person having massage that a wordless communication is established.

Massage consciously practiced by a professional puts us in touch with our “inner doctor”, it gives plenty fresh air to mind, rest and different visions of the world, the problems are down to their fair value and their negative influence on our health decreases.

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