Complexity theory in humans

The human body is a difficult organism to understand. To do so, first it is useful to specify the concept of variability of a biological rhythmic system. The latter is defined as a mechanism occurring repetitively in the time. The phenomenon of breathing can then be mentioned as an example. Indeed, humans inhale and exhale the air through the lungs.

So this process, made of a respiratory succession corresponds to the biological rhythm system. As for this, the cardixovascular, and the brain system and even some body enzymes function according to this sequence. Indeed, all have complexity and a variability generated by synchronizing a large number of human body cells, at the same time.

Behavioral psychology is also an area in which the rhythmic biological system can be observed. In the case of a person using the same path to get to work, the path that thisperson follows is rarely identical. Indeed, some variabilities remain even if the path is the same for all the days of observation. This fluctuation is also observed in the different biological and physiological systems.

Inspite of the difference between the mechanism of each system, the variability remains, however, specific for each individual. In this case, for the same person, the result of calculating the variability of all biological rhythmic systems, of this person, equivalent to a fixed value which  characterises it. This figure can then be used in various fields such as medicine, biology, astronomy and other sciences.

The observation of several paths is not decrypted by the brain because of the complexity and the overlap of these latter. In order to understand them, mathematical formulae help to organize these elements to obtain a probability. From there, the complexity theory is a method that promotes the understanding of this type of organization. To do so, it uses laws of probability. They are also used to predict certain phenomena and to capture the variability of biological rhythmic systems. The autonomous nervous system is the part responsible for managing this complexity and variability.

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