Burn-out or professional weakening

Burn-out is defined as a depressive case connected to the workplace. It is characterized by a general state of fatigue that can be both mental or emotional. In most cases, the growth of unemployment and the fear of losing  a job increase the occurrence of symptoms of stress and burn-out. Previously, burn-out occurred in certain cooperating professional categories, such as social workers and medical workers. On the other hand, currently burn-out appears in all types of jobs. Read more

Declarative and non déclarative memory and their relationship with learning


The human brain is not only able to control the body, but it is also able to store various data. Among its functions, the memory is the most complex. It is doomed to learning, and also to develop mental abilities.

Definition of memory

Memory is a function of the brain composed of a storage system of informations. Each of these components of this storage group have a capacity and as well as a duration of their own. Scientists classify the memory into three distinct categories: working memory, episodic memory and the long term memory. Read more

Acupuncture: an effective ancient technique

The secrets of acupuncture are among those that are best kept by the Chinese people which lasted for thousands of years. This medical practice has an impressive history. Indeed, acupuncture is presented as an empirically developed science. Several trials and various studies have led the Chinese to get that original medicinal technique. Read more



Constipation is a problem that affects most of us. It consists of a delay or complication of the evacuation of waste in an unusual or chronic ways. Its main cause is the weakening of the intestinal transit obtained from dehydration of stools. In general, it is considered that an individual is constipated when the number of stools is less than three per week. On the other hand, this analysis can sometimes be incorrect because stool frequency varies from one individual to another. Read more

lemon juice, benefits and preparation method


Benefits of Lemon

Lemon virtues were recognized for thousands of years. Since then, researchers have continued to exploit this acidulous juice fruit. Indeed, lemon brings several benefits to the human body. Therefore, its use is recommended for all because of to its strong ascorbic acid content necessary for strengthening the immune defense. However, this is not the only use of lemon. Read more

Weight loss


Weight loss is the process by which obese or  overweight individuals regain a weight corresponding to their real needs, by considering several criteria, among others: body composition, type of metabolism, morphology of the subject, physical activity, psychoogical factors… etc.
Three main themes have to be considered in any serious weight adjustment program: physical activity, nutrition and motivation. Read more



Breathing is the process by which air is introduced from the outside environment into lungs and at the same time air in lungs is immediately eliminated. The breathing muscular system allows to modify the intrapulmonary pressure to create an air movement. The breathing cellular system allows selective gas exchange. So, breathing is a phenomenon with two components: mechanical and physiological. There are two commonly ventilation phases: inspiration and expiration. Read more

Fatigue or liver sensibility?


An almost regular weariness, a time of headache, a flagrant lack of appetite … sedentary knows better than anyone these symptoms because he live with them every day!
This is a real problem, but nobody knows how it is related to a serious metabolic disorder, mistakenly believing that it is normal to be tired while it is almost our custom to take an aspirin to relieve headache insisting without trying to know the origin of this problem. Read more

Aloe Vera… the healing plant

Presentation :
Aloe Vera is a medicinal plant with innumerable virtues. It has been used for over 5,000 years and is thus found in several manuscripts, rock paintings and traditional longevity and health rituals. Indeed, the Aloe Vera plant is extraordinarily beneficial to the human organism and this is why the civilizations of the Mediterranean including: Northern Africa, ancient Egypt, ancient Greece the have used it for its cosmetic virtues, the cleaning of the skin, improving the wound healing process and many other benefits on most body systems and organs. Read more

Ganoderma Lucidum … the elixir of longevity

Ganoderma Lucidum (Reishi in Japan and Lingzhi in China) is a mushroom used for over 4,000 years in traditional Chinese medicine as one of the most powerful remedies of antiquity. Its rarity and exceptional virtues have given it a reputation and priceless and its use was reserved for emperors and nobles of the time. Powerful revitalizing, detoxifying, adaptogenic and regenerative therapeutic virtues are unequivocal. Its energizing action on the liver and lungs, giving it a specificity in the therapy of chronic diseases in general, and in particular hepatic and respiratory system. Read more

PCR based diagnosis of malaria

Malaria was once known as a deadliest disease throughout the world.in ancient times when there were no facility for disease diagnosis people named it as an air borne diseases that arise from foul smelling marshes, as malaria is an italic word that means bad air. Still it is a major cause of morbidity throughout the world. Thanks to modern diagnosis facilities   we know now that the culprit is a tiny animal that cannot be seen with naked eye. Yes it is microscopic protozoan Plasmodium that is carried to human by a vector mosquito who feeds upon blood of human. 5 species of plasmodium are involved in causing malaria in human named as Plasmodium.falciparum, P. vivax, P. ovale , P. malariae  and P. knowlesi which basically infect primates but can infect human.

Read more

Pathways of aging

Did you observe this phenomenon? Yes small dogs live longer than big ones. Do you have any explanation for this?


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