Vitamin C and detoxification

Vitamin C and its action in detoxification

Vitamin C is a miraculous component that helps to fight against elements that could destroy our bodies. Nevertheless, it is recommended to know how to integrate it in our diet or even in our life without causing a disorder in our disposal system, as well as, in our renal system.

Vitamin C plays an important role in our body. It intervenes in the care of diseases and in the  purification of our body. Indeed, for the treatment of cancer, fighting against neurodegenerative diseases and even prevention against nuclear radiation, vitamin C must be penetrated into the body in high doses through intravenous route. However, with regard to detoxification, it can be administered in a digestive way. Indeed, it is part of the non-enzymatic antioxidants and it has a very powerful organic material that can destroy toxic substances in our body. it is also a nutritional element that is an important part in protecting our cellular tissue.

How can we obtain vitamin C?

Many of us think that there is a large amount of vitamin C in citrus fruits such as lemons, oranges, grapefruit and many others. However, this food substance is found especially in tropical fruits like papayas which contain a high enough dose of vitamin C. The vitamin contained in these foods is called bioavailable. This means it is biologically adapted to our human body and can be broken down into amino acids. However, in the case of certain vitamins C manufactured by pharmaceutical laboratories, it is quite possible that they are eliminated by the organic system of our body like the liver or kidneys. At that time, they are said not bioavailable since they are not part of the molecular chains recognized by the body.

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