This website is dedicated to health in the broadest sense and particularly to nutrition. Our approach is, as you’ll discover, comprehensive, holistic and especially critical of some aspects of the current health system. We offer a wide range of information concentrated in our sections which are updated regularly. We ensure that information is the most realistic and most convenient and affordable for all.
Our current healthcare system is in a recession globally. Current medical technology produces almost nothing and pharmaceutical industries now mostly use media propaganda to sell their drugs and that in turn depends on the vital health of individuals (whose diet is the main pillar) the basic principles of health living.
Today, medicine has lost sight of the principle of self-healing. To cure a disease we rely on chemicals or on technology. It is not that drugs and technology are inherently bad, but if we reduce the state of Man to his symptom, it typically does not give very good results for alerts and minds, it seems at least as not being serious. Do not think the body « knows » its own regenerative mechanisms by itself and better than anyone else? Ultimately it is not the body which keeps the person alive and manages all its vital functions day and night? Obviously we can use drugs or substances whether chemical or natural, but should not be considered as the miracle cure and they also should not be diverted from their main objective which is to ensure in most cases a comfort for the patient so that it can better withstand symptoms due to his illness. But from there, considering them as cures or substances responsible directly to recovery or treatment of disease, would, in fact, a very abusive assertion and very far from reality.
Louis Pasteur said « The microbe is nothing the terrain is everything. » This is a fairly accurate description of what actually happens in human physiology. Indeed, if the internal environment is perfectly healthy, no microbe or virus or bacteria or anything could cause disorders or diseases. Our body is composed of about a thousand billion human cells. We have in our digestive tract and more particularly in our intestines cent trillion bacteria and microbes. That is to say, a hundred times the total number of our own cells, and despite that, we live harmoniously with its saprophytic bacteria. They help the body digest food, and maintain a consistent level of immune response. This leads to the transformation of these bacteria is the acidification of the field by our lack of the rules of healthy living are: unhealthy diet, lack of sleep, insufficient physical activity and breathing, and most important to know is that the virulence of these bacteria due to the acidification of the medium is further accentuated by drug intake including antibiotics and anti-inflammatories. They cause havoc in the intestinal flora bacteria and microbes making that were previously saprophytic health hazard due to their exponential multiplication.
The purpose of this website is to lay the foundations for health education and food while respecting the fundamental principles of vital nutrition and hygiene, determining factor in preserving the health capital, and prevention of all kinds diseases both for ourselves and for future generations.
Several items are available and will be updated daily. Your comments and suggestions will be highly appreciated and greatly help to improve the site and to open the debate on certain issues, the answers remained until now in confusion and contradiction.