Weight loss


Weight loss is the process by which obese or  overweight individuals regain a weight corresponding to their real needs, by considering several criteria, among others: body composition, type of metabolism, morphology of the subject, physical activity, psychoogical factors… etc.
Three main themes have to be considered in any serious weight adjustment program: physical activity, nutrition and motivation.
This latter is the most important of the three because it’s not a lost track strategy ahead like dieting or exercising six times a week, we all more or less experienced this kind of approach which by its demanding and arduous effort produced little or no results in much shorter periods than our bodies we need to fit harmoniously. In addition you will tend to quickly return the lost kilos so hard and even more !!
All played in the mind, you feel motivate you to lose those kilos more? if so, how far will you go for it? you can you impose iron discipline for three, four, six months and then after moderating your diet throughout your life not regain that weight? truly! very few people can, I myself is not the necessary resources!
My idea is very simple to start with your mind and everything will follow.
My method is based on modeling of people who have the same problem as you and who managed to escape. If you copy carefully and exactly how they used their bodies and minds you will undoubtedly succeed in eliminating these few kilos more and enjoy good health throughout your life. It would be enough to pay attention to these exceptional people who have certain features that allow them to develop effective behavioral patterns. You do not have to be noticed but you design power as an inevitable reward for your body, we call that a limiting beliefs that prevent you from acting to decrease your weight. Indeed, you have been programmed mentally (by your environment) to eat much more than your body needs it and it totally éronné following a mental pattern. The solution is based largely on a well managed approach that aims to break this mental pattern, and install another successful model, in short, change your relationship with food! you also, and you will confirm to me right away, been conditioned to certain unproductive habits such as sitting for hours watching TV or at your computer. I sincerely told you and you know it’s not how you will lose weight. you must fight physical inactivity. Only you need above all a dynamic trigger. Maybe you already try to do it before but you have not succeeded. is that it means that you go to succeed, but obviously not. you have chosen in the past the wrong strategy, now you have … good use! made produce the results you want, act now! on the field does not waste a single second if you break the momentum going and you go back to this spiral of frustration and let go.
How: First, it will have a source of energy that you can tap constantly, an energy source that will let you take the first step.
take something to write and write in black and white all the disadvantages that your obesity inflict yourself short, medium and long term, write everything clearly and truthfully, be honest with yourself, do not bend the attempts of your subconscious, which will help you to write what you think at that moment, because the fact of thinking will only have a transitory effect on your motivation. Writing crystallizes thought and gives you a big boost.
Then write the same way the benefits you get when you reach your ideal weight, how it will influence your social, professional, family … etc. what impact will there be on your goals in life? and above all accurately describe what you feel when you have achieved this state of body balance. You feel gratitude, passion, energy. describe it with more precision that you have available, do not you hurry, expand again and again until you get accurate and striking words by which you can rebuild a well claire.Ceci take you a picture week or even a little more if you devote at least an hour a day, improve your writing every day and continually, read, reread and edit until you get a clear and accurate own version, get to that point please keep your precious book because you will need it in the toughest events in your program. That’s a sure start, vraix an approach that will allow you to go as far as possible in your program.
you will tell me that all this has not much importance given that you only want to decrease your weight and not to write a book !! Well you are wrong, this approach is part of the strategies for excellence for sure to achieve its objectives. It not only helps you achieve your healthy weight but also to find in you the resources to maintain your stamina to follow the physical and nutritional program you set yourself go. I speak from experience, I witnessed people who lost 50kg in three months just by following this strategy! My purpose in writing this article is simple: you help! you who suffer serious consequences of obesity and affect the quality of your daily vie.Par this article I will help you achieve a higher level in your health and your life. Have faith! maybe you have been trying to reduce your weight in the past, but you do not succeed, is what it means that you are condemned to remain obese throughout your life? but not of course! it is because you chose the wrong strategy that you crash! this is a strategy that works, an opportunity. and now let me tell you honestly, are you determined to do? after reading everything you read you are committed more than ever to change your state? If so we will endeavor to draw you a course of action that you will achieve what you hope.

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