Power of self-healing : neurophysiological evidence

Who can we physiological structures involved in the self-healing process?

The answer is, almost nobody!

Here is a coherent vision based on some 1800 scientific papers:
There is a single system that manages the entire metabolism, and which unites all functions of the body. It is a system that is underestimated by current science, it « knows » all about you and your functions. It « knows » exactly what you need, what making you sick and what can cure you, what you need to eat or not. It makes you happy or sad or angry … So, it « knows » about you more than you know about yourself, or any other great scientific can know about you …

This structure is the AUTONOMIC NERVOUS SYSTEM …

Consequently, the famous concept that is the power of self-healing, is only the autonomic nervous system?

To be continued..

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