lemon juice, benefits and preparation method


Benefits of Lemon

Lemon virtues were recognized for thousands of years. Since then, researchers have continued to exploit this acidulous juice fruit. Indeed, lemon brings several benefits to the human body. Therefore, its use is recommended for all because of to its strong ascorbic acid content necessary for strengthening the immune defense. However, this is not the only use of lemon.

Lemon: an excellent tonic for the body!

A fruit quite present in the daily diet, lemon provides various benefits to the body. It is, indeed, an efficient tonic for the cardiovascular, brain and nervous system. This citrus fruit is also recommended to fight against respiratory problems, and also to fight against certain minor pains such as migraine or dizziness. Besides, lemon is also used as an antiseptic, a purifying, an antioxidant, an antibacterial and an anti-cholesterol. This latter quality also earned him a great use for weight loss in some individuals.

A real natural medicine, lemon is also cherished for its detoxifying features. For this, it awakens the liver and stimulates the elimination of waste in the body. In fact, contrary to the collective belief, this fruit does not bring any acidity to the human body. Citric acid comprising it is converted during the digestion process. It becomes, then, an alkaline substance. Thus, acidity is controlled. Note, however, that the use of lemon is not limited only to its digestion. It can be used in different forms and then requires various aspects of preparations.

lemon preparations methods

The preparation of lemon is different depending on its use. Thus, for its use, the lemon juice is either diluted or applied directly to a part of the body. This is also the case if the fruit is used to have a smooth skin. In this case, its juice is applied on the entire face, let stand and then rinsed with hot water. Lemon juice diluted in honey is appreciated to avoid bloating. Here, an equivalence of ten drops enough for one person. It is important to note, in fact, that lemon juice is more effective when it is fresh and without conservatives.

Lemon can also be used in its entirety in some cases. As for the liver, the fruit is cut and is then infused in boiling water throughout the night to be drunk in the morning on an empty stomach. In a more concentrated form, lemon is also used in the concentration of fragrances and other colognes. The lemon essence and its rind are also used to thin the blood. Here it is absorbed orally and requires medical attention before taking any.

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