Fatigue or liver sensibility?


An almost regular weariness, a time of headache, a flagrant lack of appetite … sedentary knows better than anyone these symptoms because he live with them every day!
This is a real problem, but nobody knows how it is related to a serious metabolic disorder, mistakenly believing that it is normal to be tired while it is almost our custom to take an aspirin to relieve headache insisting without trying to know the origin of this problem.

In extreme cases, these symptoms are associated with tingles just below the ribs on the right side, it is exactly the location of our largest chemical factory: the liver. The organ that weighs about 1500g filled in more than 500 functions in our body and is the most complex organ after the brain. In addition to its main functions of sorting nutrients and protecting against toxic substances it also has the function of producing bile salts, substances responsible for the degradation in the digestive tract, of body fat content in the food we eat. Bile salts are stored in the gallbladder and are discharged in the first part of the small intestine known as the duodenum through the bile duct.
If our meals are well balanced digestion is done easily and smoothly, but if you take a high fat meal, which requires a large amount of bile salts, the liver is overloaded and it will be no longer able to meet the demand, so we talk about liver attack also called in medical jargon « liver sensibility ».
Liver crisis manifests usually by a general weakness, coated tongue, head aches, vomiting, drowsiness, lack of appetite, and sometimes liver tingling. These symptoms can last for hours even for days. However, when our diet contains a lot of fat permanently – which is often the case in our daily meals. Liver will have no choice to adapt to the situation by producing more and more bile to meet the needs of the digestion. The problem is that our liver has other more important things to do than to digest excess of lipids that will cause later heart disease! Liver function will be therefore oriented to the production of bile salts at the expense of other more important functions and in particular the neutralization of toxic substances and the maintenance of humoral balance. Symptoms of liver attack will subside gradually and soon it will remain as fatigue and drowsiness after meals and occasional head aches but liver is suffering silently and all our body with! The body have the ability to adapt to extreme conditions.
We will therefore be tempted to say that the liver sensibility exists even if symptoms desist. Live with this disorder and seeing everybody living with too, makes us accepting it and considering it normal. We know now that the majority of people in this planet are victims of this disease, and we can say that it helps to degrade our quality of life and prevents us from giving the best of ourselves.
We can conclude that it is important to avoid high fat meals, if we want to stay healthy and stay in good spirits and in full possession of our resources.

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