Skeletal muscle: is it regulated by the central nervous system?

Skeletal muscles are managed by the central nervous system. Do you think it’s true? Obviously this is true! But this assertion to a misstatement. Where is the error?
Back to the basics of muscle physiology, what is the function of a muscle?Contraction you say? This is true but what else?
Nutrition and elimination are two functions found in any tissue. Catabolism and anabolism are also two tissue functions and muscle is among the most aptent tissues to perform these two functions. And what about of the muscle spindles and Golgi bodies that ensure sensitivity? All these features are dependent the central nervous system?
The reality is that all the functions of skeletal muscle excepting contraction are innervated and controlled directly by the AUTONOMIC NERVOUS SYSTEM or by systems that directly depend on it.
Moreover, even muscle contraction is influenced by systems such as renin-angiotensin, thermoregulation, baroreflex … which also depend on the autonomic nervous system.
Physiologists are annoyed when you ask them things that way .. What’s more normal! We’re all frustrated by what we can not control. We prefer to highlight what we know (Central Nervous System) and put in a closet that seems too much complicated (autonomic nervous system).

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