How to deal with nuclear disasters and radiations ?

Face up to current geopolitical context, it is allways  wise to protect yourself from potential natural or nuclear disaster. For this last case, here are some useful guidelines in order to protect yourself from nuclear radiation are remotly issued by any  bomb.

During a nuclear explosion, two options are possible. It is either to remain in place or leave the area to avoid contamination. In the first case, formally contraindicated to go out . Moreover, each door, window and other sources of aeration shall be hermetically sealed with a metallic material. This is to reduce the entry of radioactive materials. The metal is also indicated for food preservation in case of nuclear disasters. Thus, canned foods are recommended, because the radioactive molecules can not enter. In this context, the refrigerator must be also cloistered in the same manner as the house.  Use of metallic tank is also recommended to keep water safe from the radiation.

The same thing for food, every person in the house must be in the most hermetic locations. It is either the car or the basement of the residence. In all cases, children, old persons and pregnant women are the most vulnerable to radiation. So they are the most prioritized individuals in case of nuclear accidents. For healthcare, taking food supplements such as potassium iodide is recommended to avoid the cancer of the thyroid. This area as a matter of fact is the most vulnerable to radioactive iodine. Taking the vitamin C in the from of injection is also recommended to strengthen  the immunity of the body.

In all cases, everyone should  prepare always an evacuation plan because the place of residence is not safe. The latter choice, implies however, knowing the best time to go as well as knowing all provisions in order to be well prepared. It shoud be noted however, that it is not indicated to go alone, but to form a group or a community. It may be formed by several groups of families. This is indeed extremely important in order to be able to cope with the difficulties that may be encountered throughout the journey.

These provisions are tailored for  the individuals residing around nuclear power plants. However in order to know the severity of radiation, it has been  customary to dipose a measuring instrument. This makes it possible to prepare for higher proportions of radioactive waves. Arrived at a certain stage, they can cause some pain or even cause death.

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