Feet… the mirror of the body


Who would think that a simple push on a point of the soles of the feet instantly relieves stomach ache or spinal pain (back pain), and yet … it works! Still have to press the right button to get the right result.
Still unknown by our medical professionals and our society, reflexology once called “zone therapy” had known very impressive success that those who have tried it systematically go back to it. Indeed, we were taught to treat illness in its area and neglecting the human being is an entity and that the various constituents of our bodies intereact and complement one another, that is what reflexology calls ” the vital dynamics. “
This therapy has been used since antiquity, in India, China and Egypt and was only rediscovered in our civilization in the early 20th century by an American physician, Dr. William Fritzgerald who immediately called it “massage zonal” (zone therapy) . Dr. Fritzgerald has divided the human body into 10 somatic zones and found that pressing on a part of the body have an analgesic effect on other points in the same area as a somatic one, then comes the famous American physiotherapist, Eunice Ingham who pursued research on this method and gave it its present name: “reflexology”.
Since the 60s, scientific studies have focused on this subject about species, poorly understood at the time by doctors but was already a huge success, probably there is a link between skin nerve receptors in the soles of the feet, about 70,000 receptors in number per foot, and the autonomic nervous system (neuro-vegetative system), which controls all the organic functions of our bodies. Reflexology acts precisely on these neuroreceptors through pressure, sliding, and mobilization maneuvers for the regulation of energy flow of the organ in question and the self-healing of the body. These maneuvers may be deep or superficial, slow or fast, brief or extending in time according to the effect observed by the therapist. There is a map of the soles of the feet that has been updated by Dr. Fritzgerald indicating the precise location of each organ on our feet.

The main advantage of this therapy is at first, it does not have any disadvantages! The foot massage has no contraindications and it is not harmful for you, practiced for any type of patient: adult, infant, pregnant woman … During the first session the results are usually spectacular in terms of pain sedation , relaxation and self-control, however, it is necessary to follow several sessions to ensure longer lasting effects. Indeed, whether it is digestive disorders, in which reflexology is very gifted, of back pain, anxiety, cold or headache the results are the same, still very impressive.
Algerian therapists are very uninformed on the subject and seem to be skeptical about this treatment that made evidence of sucess all over the world. Reflexology is an ancient science that has managed to secure its place among the modern therapeutic arsenal, increasingly, doctors, physiotherapists, masseurs, osteopaths integrate it into their therapeutic approaches, in Europe and the States US and China this method is a therapeutic choice and quality it is also perfectly and naturally suitable for an increasingly sedentary society.

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