low back pain, the disease of the century …

You feel functional discomfort in the lumbar region when waking up in the morning, pain when bending forward, and maybe when you sit… there is no doubt your spine suffers. Most people do not take care of their back, through ignorance or simply carelessness they submit it to the worst postures, that is when our back is manifested by more or less severe pains but most of the time troublesome. These pains usually appear where our spine supports its maximum load: the lumbar spine. Read more

Vitamin C and detoxification

Vitamin C and its action in detoxification

Vitamin C is a miraculous component that helps to fight against elements that could destroy our bodies. Nevertheless, it is recommended to know how to integrate it in our diet or even in our life without causing a disorder in our disposal system, as well as, in our renal system. Read more

Burn-out or professional weakening

Burn-out is defined as a depressive case connected to the workplace. It is characterized by a general state of fatigue that can be both mental or emotional. In most cases, the growth of unemployment and the fear of losing  a job increase the occurrence of symptoms of stress and burn-out. Previously, burn-out occurred in certain cooperating professional categories, such as social workers and medical workers. On the other hand, currently burn-out appears in all types of jobs. Read more

Massage, between therapy and wellness


“Hands that serve are holier than hands that speak” Sai Saba.

Massage is the art of healing by touch, it was considered so since the appearance of man, this is the most natural therapy and the most instinctive which has been practiced by all cultures, in every country. Read more

Declarative and non déclarative memory and their relationship with learning


The human brain is not only able to control the body, but it is also able to store various data. Among its functions, the memory is the most complex. It is doomed to learning, and also to develop mental abilities.

Definition of memory

Memory is a function of the brain composed of a storage system of informations. Each of these components of this storage group have a capacity and as well as a duration of their own. Scientists classify the memory into three distinct categories: working memory, episodic memory and the long term memory. Read more

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