Constipation is a problem that affects most of us. It consists of a delay or complication of the evacuation of waste in an unusual or chronic ways. Its main cause is the weakening of the intestinal transit obtained from dehydration of stools. In general, it is considered that an individual is constipated when the number of stools is less than three per week. On the other hand, this analysis can sometimes be incorrect because stool frequency varies from one individual to another. Read more

lemon juice, benefits and preparation method


Benefits of Lemon

Lemon virtues were recognized for thousands of years. Since then, researchers have continued to exploit this acidulous juice fruit. Indeed, lemon brings several benefits to the human body. Therefore, its use is recommended for all because of to its strong ascorbic acid content necessary for strengthening the immune defense. However, this is not the only use of lemon. Read more

Weight loss


Weight loss is the process by which obese or  overweight individuals regain a weight corresponding to their real needs, by considering several criteria, among others: body composition, type of metabolism, morphology of the subject, physical activity, psychoogical factors… etc.
Three main themes have to be considered in any serious weight adjustment program: physical activity, nutrition and motivation. Read more



Breathing is the process by which air is introduced from the outside environment into lungs and at the same time air in lungs is immediately eliminated. The breathing muscular system allows to modify the intrapulmonary pressure to create an air movement. The breathing cellular system allows selective gas exchange. So, breathing is a phenomenon with two components: mechanical and physiological. There are two commonly ventilation phases: inspiration and expiration. Read more

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