Acupuncture: an effective ancient technique

The secrets of acupuncture are among those that are best kept by the Chinese people which lasted for thousands of years. This medical practice has an impressive history. Indeed, acupuncture is presented as an empirically developed science. Several trials and various studies have led the Chinese to get that original medicinal technique.

Traditional Chinese medicine

Traditional Chinese medicine in which acupuncture appears is defined as a therapy that is based on the body language. To do this, the use of the hand is very important throughout this recovery method. This also allows to set a diagnosis in order to accomplish the necessary treatment of the patient. In this case, traditional Chinese medicine is able to examine all forms of the human body malaise.

Chinese traditional treatments are at the same time an art, a philosophy, also a science. First, this method of healing is a manual therapy system based on a study of the human body abilities. It requires a very intensive knowledge in order to have a precise and careful sense of touch, which can exactly identify the diseases of a patient. Traditional Chinese medicine as a philosophy is a practice about man as an entirety. Indeed, it is not just the symptom that   concerns traditional Chinese medicine, but also the cause of the disease. Finally, this medicine is also qualified as a science because it contains anatomical, physiological, biomechanical and biological knowledge in relation to the preservation of human health.

The principles of acupuncture

Acupuncture is one of the tools of traditional Chinese medicine. It is expressed as a therapeutic technique which depending on the case may have a preventive or curative aim. This method also helps to improve the energy balance of the body. To make an acupuncture session, the specialist must use needles. In fact, the principle of acupuncture is to place needles on the skin and more precisely on the essential points of the human body. However, using special needles for acupuncture is necessary due to their size. They are also designed for single use and are sterilized before each session. It should be noted that the insertion of needles on the skin produces no pain. During this, the patient must usually be relaxed and sometimes lying down.

Currently, acupuncture is recognized for its many therapeutic applications. This is distinguished through psychic, physical and aesthetic levels. Acupuncture can also yield results that are sometimes difficult to obtain with other healing modes. Through this multifunctional nature of acupuncture, many people today use it to identify their disease. Thus, to treat different diseases, an acupuncture session appears as one of the most appropriate solutions.

Acupuncture seems to receive good results for different medical problems. For example, acupuncture helps pregnant women to prevent small disorders of pregnancy with cystitis. Thus, acupuncture also gives some solutions to reduce and cure various everyday ailments. Risks after an acupuncture session are very rare. However, the contamination of various diseases is possible. Indeed, unsterilized, or poorly sterilized needles are sources of transmissible diseases. It is therefore important to check and be well informed before each treatment.

physiological theory explaining the mechanism of acupuncture

From the traditional point of view, it is necessary to find the hidden items that are called acupuncture points so that they are interconnected. This is called meridian system. The meridians are like rivers where the energy of the body moves from depth to the surface of the toes and fingers to the inside of organs. By fixing needles on various specific areas of the body, the doctor or the acupuncturist may revise the flows. Apparently, this method gives more energy towards areas of the body that are sick. This technique may also eliminate the surplus and congestion that antagonize the vital functions. On the other hand, from a scientific point of view, science is very interested in acupuncture due to its benefits. However, in recent years various studies were used to support the success of this therapeutic approach. Although science today does not seek to identify all the physiological mechanisms in question, it does not research anymore for evidence about the side effects of acupuncture.

In conclusion, acupuncture is an effective healthcare system. For this, this old method is still for several years now practiced. though, it is important to be careful with the tools used by doctors or acupuncturists. Indeed, the risk of serious illnesses can occur if hygienic rules are not respected.

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